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Greetings: PICTURES ARE TWO MESSAGES BELOW I have a open floor drain that is embedded in concrete and is for the mechanical room in case of problems. I have moved a washing machine into this room and added a slop sink where the washer dumps into. Originally I created a "Y" off the floor drain and connected the sink to it but wound up with overflow and bubbles on the concrete floor because the house stack is six feet away. For now I connected the sink PVC directly to the floor drain without the "Y" which works great but does not allow the floor drain to be used as intended of course. Tying into the stack directly is problematic because it would create an obstacle in front of an adjacent room around two feet high across the space horizontal. Thinking the solution is to create a new drain pipe for the washer flex hose, dig up the concrete and connect into the mid point of the floor drain branch line run which would allow for 3-4' before the floor drain which should be enough venting to eliminate any backflow onto the floor ? Can anyone think of a novel way to tie into the floor drain without messing with the concrete ? thanks, Dave
Category: Plumber Post By: PHYLLIS RUSSELL (Coral Gables, FL), 04/14/2016

not with out seeing it post a picture of the room and the plumbing

- ROSS NAVARRO (St. Clair Shores, MI), 09/18/2017

damn, your blocked, no way around it, you get to bust concrete,,,,oh for joy!! it is fun. iif the crete is only 3.5 or 4'' deep, you can bust it with a sledge hammer. using a 20 lb sister sledge hit it about 4 or 5 good licks in the same spot.. now that you are removing the ptraps source of water. [so the trap does not evaperate] you can, either..pour water into the trap when it stinks, or buy a floordrain with a 1/2'' threaded tap and run a water line to the trap under the concrete. and install a trap primer under the sink. it will stink in the winter months, because the ac condensate is not dripping the heater has no condensate

- KURT DAWSON (Chesapeake, VA), 10/08/2017

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