Forum Title: Simple question on blockages.
under the basement floor horizontal pipe A meets horizontal pipe B at a 90-110 degree angle. they are merged and sewage proceeds from this point down a single pipe (125-135 angle from each A & B) and out of the building. Pipes are cast iron. This is the original design approved by the city. pipe A is equal or has a smaller diameter than pipe B. is it possible that a damaged pipe A can cause a blockage in either pipe B or the single line that proceeds from this merge point. Me and my condo association are in disagreement on this. A simple No or if it is a Yes, please state how?
Category: Plumber Post By: KIM LARSON (Commerce City, CO), 08/27/2016

simple as i can get your drawing shows a double wye. , not a good fitting to use, it has to be level for both sides to be level, level in a sweer is not good if one side has fall than the other side will have back fall, also not good you also stated in an earlier post about the same line. one of them is the kitchen. kitchens are notorious for grease clogs, when some yahoo pours anything into it besides water take a level line, add grease, you have a clog,,i am not saying that is your problem, you said the line was videoed. BOTH lines or just the main ? add,,,,also, i see one line is smaller than the pther, that means a reducer has been used that is another place where grease piles up.

- NORA CUMMINGS (Goodyear, AZ), 09/05/2017

line A is a kitchen line. line B is bathroom. this was put down when the house was built in 1924 line A may be smaller, i do not know what was standard back then for kitchen lines compared to bathroom lines. the clog is not due to build up of the bathroom line or the single line that proceeds to the front and out the building. these 2 were videod. yes, line A may have some build up.

- JOY TERRY (Bellevue, WA), 09/16/2017

abandon the kitchen line and pipe sewer over head basement good idea to pipe the bathroom over head also. the pipe was installed in the 20's.

- MIRIAM DOYLE (Hialeah, FL), 10/09/2017

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